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Richard and Judith, thank you so much for all you have done: missing you already! 

KC Plymouth

I think this is a superb place and gives plenty of support to parents and students.

S.C. Devonport

I have developed good skills, become more confident and I am happy.

J.M. Plymouth

I like all the building work I can do at ARC and I enjoy the carpentry work best.

J.W. Devonport

It always seems such a happy Place.

J.S. Plymouth

What an opportunity they are so lucky that they are able to access the ARC. There are very few places that can meet their needs in such a positive way. A huge thank you xx

S. Plymouth


The Autism Resource Centre in Plymouth is the only small scale sensory friendly environment in the local area (serving Plymouth and beyond) that provides a combined learning / life skills / and  therapeutic base for young people age 16 through to 25 who have autism spectrum conditions and other mental health needs. ARC Plymouth is not set up to compete with  school or college educational establishments that cater for ASC young people but provides a alternative facility for a select few of individuals who need a different approach and setting to optimise their wellbeing and future aspirations.  What makes ARC unique is the bespoke way the day to day interpersonal relationships and learning tasks are managed within a setting that physically, emotionally and psychologically enhance the individuals personal wellbeing. ARC nurtures the individual from a perspective of unconditional love and acceptance and is run by a small team of dedicated and experienced professionals who share a common belief system which underpin everything they do.

ARC has demonstrated over the years it has been running that it meets a need for a select few of individuals who were or would become isolated and whose mental health was at risk of decline. The needs met by ARC are not catered for in other places within the locality it serves.

A.L. Plymouth

All the staff were helpful and I found Richard to be an interesting and an insightful teacher who went out of his way to make sure we worked to the best of our abilities.  5*

A.C. Plymouth

I love craft skills and making things.  ARC has helped me to learn new techniques and develop new skills.  I get qualifications and experience that is going to help me in my future career.

C.C.  Devenport

ARC allows me to be who I am.  I'm getting into drawing now and I never thought that I would get into drawing.  ARC has helped me see where my potential could be and I can see myself doing Digital Media at ARC and then going on to Art School.

A.P. Plymouth

You are unique: there is no one like you that works with young people with so much care and such real passion.

C.S. Plymouth

You are providing such a bespoke service for these young people who otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn new trades in a safe environment with people who understand autism. Thank you.

S. C. Lipson

What a difference it makes to have Sue at ARC, she makes everyone so welcome and is really enthusiastic and helpful..

J.E. Plymouth

There is nothing I disliked about my course. I enjoyed every minute.

S.J. Honicknowle