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Judith Anderson de Bulat, B.A, Barrister at law, P.G.C.E

Head of Centre, Plymouth.  Judith is a trained assessor and experienced teacher.  Previously she worked at a number of London Authorities as a Principle Solicitor, specialising in Childcare, Education and Social Care.  She has been a qualified teacher since 2004, working with Special Needs and ASC learners.  To find out more about our bespoke service, especially for young people with ASC who are at risk of falling out of special or mainstream education or at risk of coming into the justice system, email judith@arc-plymouth.uk.

Anita Laidlaw Dip.COT

Anita is an independent Occupational Therapist (OT) with over 30 years of working in different settings.  She has extensive knowledge and experience especially in the area of autism and mental health with a specialist interest in sensory processing. Anita is passionate about the core philosophy of OT which is about enabling  the individual to meet their potential and optimise their wellbeing in spite of illness or disability. Her business A.L.-Therapies caters for different health needs. She also works part time as an expert witness; case manager and within CAMHS.

Richard de Bulat BA(Hons), PGCE, PGDip (Ed), PGCert (Autism and Asperger Syndrome)

Richard has worked in special needs and autism for over thirty years, in mainstream and special education, the youth service and justice system.  He has managed  a variety of educational institutions and more latterly was Head of Education at HMP Dartmoor before setting up ARC, (formerly New Hope), with Judith, in 2004.   He believes that ARC serves to make a significant difference to its learners wellbeing by helping to improve the chances for personal happiness and professional fulfilment in their lives.

For more information about our curriculum and how we can develop a personalised training plan, email richard@arc-plymouth.uk 

Karen Jackson L2 Certificate in Care, NVQ Teaching and Learning:

Karen is a highly experienced Teaching assistant who also runs an online crafts business, manufacturing jewellery and small arts and crafts objets d'art.  She is supporting vulnerable learners and providing valuable help in developing an online presence for ARC enterprises and work experience for learners with an interest in Ecommerce and self-employment. 

Maya Lawrence BA(Hons), Masters

Having worked for years in the commercial sector, Maya, a new addition to ARC is using her expertise in business to develop new ways of supporting the growing needs of young people with ASC. As assessments are becoming more available, ARC have found that their provision is expanding. This means that new courses and partnerships need to be managed and this ultimately is Maya's role.

With a background in textiles, design and entrepreneurship, Maya loves to see the work that the learners are producing and is keen to see an ARC shop up and running. 

if you are interested in working with ARC, please email maya@arc-plymouth.uk